How long have you worked at Multicultural Hub, and what is your role?

I have worked at Multicultural Hub for almost two years, in the role of Regional Director.

What do you like about working with the Multicultural Community?

I love to learn about all the different cultures and traditions and the experiences that members of our community have had. It is a very humbling job. I always find that I learn something new each day and to see the resilience, passion and knowledge amongst our community members is amazing.

What are some of the things you do in your role?

In my role I support and assist our team across Canberra and our four Regional NSW offices. I also get to advocate for our multicultural communities and work alongside members of our community and community leaders. I also have the opportunity to participate in many wonderful celebrations and events and learn about different cultures. In my role I am able to support many CALD women and this is one of my favourites areas of the role I am in.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I have a really terrible fear of birds and I love rugby, I love to watch and play it! I am also a volunteer with the NSW State Emergency Service, joining as a young person at the age of 21.

What would you say to a community member who might be thinking about connecting with a service at Multicultural Hub Canberra?

We value and respect everyone, their experiences and contributions! You will always see a friendly face when you come in.

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