What is your role at the Multicultural Hub?

I am the Settlement Services Officer here at the Multicultural Hub. I help any clients that form part of the Humanitarian Settlement program. I work with them to determine what sort of support they need and develop a plan to assist them, by connecting them with the different services we as an organisation and the wider community provide. The service plan for each client is developed with the national settlement framework in mind assuring all aspects of their settlement in Australia are properly supported.

What do you like about working with the Multicultural Community?

I love working with the Multicultural Community because you are constantly learning to understand those around you better. Finding ways to communicate despite cultural and social differences is extremely rewarding and teaches us that we aren’t all that different. As a member of the Multicultural Community myself I am passionate about helping those who might need additional support settling and might struggle with social exclusion.

What are some of the things you do in your role?

I set up client meetings and try to develop personalised support plans with them. I will refer them to another service in the Multicultural Hub if needed. I will also assist them with aspects of the Settlement Framework that are not supported by another service in the organisation such as housing, healthcare and social support to name a few.

What’s something people might not know about you?

 I am originally from Mexico and have lived and worked in four different continents around the world and have always loved meeting and working with people from different cultural backgrounds.

What would you say to a community member who might be thinking about connecting with a service at Multicultural Hub Canberra?

The staff at the Multicultural Hub are a group of kind and compassionate people from diverse backgrounds that are very passionate about helping those in their communities. They are dedicated to providing the best support they can and no matter what you might need help with the staff will be there to assist you.

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