How long have you worked at Multicultural Hub Canberra, and what is your role?

I have been working for Multicultural Hub for 3 years. My role is to work with multicultural young people in our community. I do that through a range of programs, including drop-in, school holiday programs, sporting activities, and connecting with other organisations to access support that young people might need.

What do you like about working with young people?

It is a real world, filled with dreams, ambitions and enthusiasm. Helping young people not to make the mistakes I made when I was younger, mentoring and being a role model for the young people does not only help the young people become better people for tomorrow, but equally, it helps me to be a better person.

What are some of the things you help young people with?

I help young people with all I have and all I can. My greatest asset is my life experience. I help young people with their social life, relationship issues, working on their confidence. I try as hard as I can within my limited space and time to make them understand a certain aspect about the school of life, which is very different for life in school.

What’s something people might not know about you?

I am not sure I want people to know about this, but I used to be a very good wrestler.

What would you say to a young person who might be thinking about connecting with Multicultural Hub Canberra’s Youth Services?

This is the right door to knock. As I always say it, I may not know the answer but I know exactly where to knock to get the answer.

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